Don't believe the Hyve?

Hi everyone!

Elephant Sounds is going modern stylee! We've created an account on the popular site Hyves. So, if you're a Hyver or a "going to be" Hyver drop by and become a member.

C U on Hyves!


Voor de echte die-hards zijn er verschillende officiĆ«le Ortel Terra Afterparty’s.

Parkhof, zaterdag 3 juni

In Parkhof wordt het Terrafeestje nog even voortgezet. Bezoek de Afterparty in Parkhof met onder meer Elephant Soundsystem vanaf 23.00 uur. Elephant Soundsystem presents the best dancehall, reggae, ragga and hiphop. Niet te missen dus! De toegang is gratis...

booomflex!!!! spinnin' aroun' town!!!


Here are some nice pics of our little trip to Alkmaar in February. It was a blast, as you can see! Remember: Elephant Sounds will also be booming Alkmaar on the 3rd of June on the Festo do Mundo! Come check it out!