i want to c some photos

hey dear elephant peepz

wanna see some photos from last edition!!!!!!!!!!!

grtz count ozzie aka junior ozzie


sorry people... we just decided that our name was and is going to stay:

INDEPENDENT INTAVENTION it seems nicer this way than with the h innit?

so the url for our my space is:

by the way there are two new songs online as well. they are not entirely finished coz i am not really happy with some of the vocals but they are there for you to listen to... any comments don't hesitate to tell me!!!
one love,
greetings from costa rica!!!

junior ozzie

for bingieman! more dub poets on youtube


cha mon, couldnt get sound with it but it seems rough-and-tough-political-rub-a-dub!!!

LKJ to the fullest!

Michael Smith - Gimme Likkle Dub Music (1982)

Found a clip of Michael Smith, my favourite dub poet on the net. He sings: GIVE ME LIKKLE DUB MUSIC - 1982 promoting his lp on Black on black UK TV. check it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjDseWYBKzA

The album was produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson and includes the the famous tune Roots. If You Like Linton or Mutabaruka check it....


Our friend Robbie Roots provided us with some more pics of the last Elephant blast..who knows, maybe you're in it this time :-)

frisco kid

massive massive massive!
yeah you!
mad selecta

who be that?