Elephantsounds Radioshow ZionHIghness 22 July 2009

Last wednesday was our latest internetshow for http://www.zionhighness.com/, one and a half hour of reggae, from old ska till new dubstep, check it out down here and don't forget to tune for our next show on wednesday august 5 from 20:00 till 22:00.

Stranger Cole – Pretty Cottage ( Chris & Squidly 7”)
Pluto – Ram Goat Liver 7” (Trojan)
The Reggae Boys – The Wicked Must Survive – Reggae Jeggae LP – Crazy Joe Records
Joe’s All Stars / Dice The Boss – But Officer – Brixton Cat LP - Trojan
Maytals – She never let´s me down (Federal)
Heptones – Gunman coming to town
Rupie Edwards – Uncertain Love – Rupies Scorchers LP – Tribute
Derrick Morgan – Bring in the gun (Jackpot 7”)
U Roy – On Top Of The Peak – From Chapter To Version LP – Dr. Buster Dynamite
Chantells – Children of Jah (1st version – Phase 1 lp)
Leroy Smart – Jah Forgive me (Leo 7”)
Symbols – Motherless Children (Art & Craft 12”)
Bushman – Babylon Dead - King Selassie Riddim (Jammy’s 7”)
Gregory Isaacs – No Matter - King Selassie Riddim (Jammy’s 7”)
Capleton - Jah Jah City (HMG 7“)
Lukie D - Stop the crime (Crystal Ball 7”)
Lukie D – Stand up (Brighta Days Music 7”)
Freddie Mc Gregor - Lock it Down + version (Jah Ruby 7”)
Frankie Paul – Tu Shun Peng (Jah Guidance 7”)
Patrick Anthony - Ganja (Forward 7”)
Lutan Fyah – Mr. Outlaw – Oooh Riddim (Blenders Finest 7”)
Perfect – I Smoked Spliff - – Oooh Riddim (Blenders Finest 7”)
Lutan Fyah – World Chaos (Black Scorpio 7”)
Chezidek & Anthony B – Betta Hafi Come - Matches Lane Riddim – (Maximum Sound 7”)
Earl 16 – Pirate’s Game (Muzamba 7”)
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Dubplate fi dem (Scotch Bonnet 12”)
Rootsman ft Bongo Chili - Read your bible (third eye music) 2003
Djg – Joyful Sound (Narco.hz 12”)
Taz Buckfaster – Kingston Bridge (Rwina 12”)
Cotti – Let go mi Shirt (Souljazz)

New Reggae Releases on Pressure Sounds

The mighty Pressure Sounds label strikes again with two upcoming reggae releases:
First up is Delroy Wilson's album Dub Plate Style (release date 8th August 2009), a collection of Delroy Wilson tunes from 1978 produced by Bunny Lee, but remixed by King Jammy at King Tubby's. Most of the songs you might have heard, but according to the people at Pressure Sounds, these Jammy mixes really make the difference...and I quote: A little rawer.... A little sparser....alittle heavier....and much, much deeper…
That does sound promising! For more info check HERE and HERE

The next release is planned for Sept 19th, and is called Sound System International by King Tubby & The Dynamites. Early King Tubby dubs from tunes by The Dynamites, as produced by Clancy Eccles. Well, since I love the great King Tubby, I'm sure we'll not be disappointed by this set. For more info check HERE

Elephantsound Zion Highness Radioshow july 8, 2009 - now available online!

The Elephantsounds crew did another radioshow for the Zion Highness community on July 8th: Two hours of reggae and again, the first part classics, the second new roots, and ending with a couple of dub tunes. Remember the next show can be heard live on wednesday july 22th from 20:00 till 22:00 on @ http://www.zionhighness.com/ ....... listen down here and enjoy!

1. The Wailing Wailers – Ska Beat – The Wailing Wailers LP 12” – Studio One
2. Prince Buster – I Got A Pain – Pain In My Belly LP 12” - Blue Beat
3. Pat Kelly – Little Boy Blue – Jumping with Mr Lee - Trojan
4. Billy Dice & untouchables – Unity is love (Champion 7”)
5. Heptones – Book of rules (hep hep 7”)
6. The Defenders – Our Rights – Every Mouth Must Be Fed compilation (micron productions) – Pressure Sounds 2009
7. Rude Rich ft. Winston Francis – I Am Not A King – 12” - RR records
8. Kingstonians – Right from Wrong dr buster dynamite lp
9. Junior Delgado – Devil’s throne – Joe Gibbs lp
10. Nora Dean – Barbwire – Loch Ness Monster LP 12” – Trojan Records
11. Major Lazor ft Mr Vegas & Jovi Rockwell – Can’t Stop Now – Guns don’t Kill People - Mad Decent 2009
12. Little John – Champion Bubbler (Taxi 7”)
13. Yami Bolo – Gun War, Glock War – Fighting for Peace LP
14. Shinehead – Billy Jean – African Love
15. Desi Roots – Go Deh Right – Stricktly for Rockers - Island
16. Brigadier Jerry & Dennis Brown – Talkative 7” – Stars – Tappa Zukie Production
17. Michael Prophet – Concious Man – Vivian Jackson
18. Roberto Sanchez – Slaving For A Reason – Heartical
19. Cali P – High grade – Tragedy Riddim - Bassrunner productions
20. Thai Stylee – Walk & Talk – Tragedy riddim - Bassrunner Productions
21. Sizzla – Crucial Time (Jamstyle 7”)
22. Dubwise riddim – Shane Brown (Juke Boxx 7”)
23. Peetah – War Zone (Juke Boxx 7”)
24. Busy Signal – Spliff Tail (Juke Boxx 7”)
25. Chuck Fender – Gash Dem Remix – Last War Riddim – Bullet Remix records
26. Ziggi – Blaze – Last war riddim – Rock ‘n Vibes Records
27. Irieginal Abraham – Ganja Bus – Independent d.i.y. Release
28. Perfect – Got to Smoke – Blenders finest
29. Junior Kelly – Same Way – Soul Vibz
30. Norris Man – Take the Message of Jah (Tiger Records 7”)
31. Lutan Fyah – Poverty (Tiger Records 7”)
32. Paul Elliot – Ghetto Livity (Disciples Remix) – Wiz Kidz 10” – Oxman production
33. Revolutionairies – Kunta Kinte (DJ Kentaro Remix) 12” – Pressure Sounds 2009
34. Tes La Rok – Living Fire (Dub Police)
35. Conquest – forever – dub police
36. Nick Manassah –Forward the bass –impact
37. Earl Cunningham – Jailhouse (Art & Craft 12”)

New reggae release: Queen Ifrica - Welcome To Montego Bay (VP, 2009)

One of the top conscious female reggae stars of the moment, Queen Ifrica has released her second album (on cd and vinyl, although with a different tracklist) last month on VP records. Last years debut, called Fyah Mumma was already a strong album, including the big hit Below the Waist, and this new recording brings us more massive cultural reggae tunes. Born Ventrice Morgan (Daughter to Jamaican Legend Derrick Morgan), began her career in 1995 after shining at a local talent contest in her hometown of Montego Bay, Jamaica. This led to major stage performances in her country including the esteemed Reggae Sumfest as well as a union with Tony Rebel's Flames Crew in 1998. The new album, Welcome to Montego Bay features 13 songs (14 on vinyl), mixing spiritual anthems, lover's rock tunes and social commentaries. Including her hit tune about child molestation Daddy (produced by Kemar McGregor). Althoughy my lock it down-buddy CS really dislikes this new album, the tunes Don't Sign (Moviestar riddim, produced by Donovan Germain) and Keep it to Yourself (Secrets riddim, produced by Donovan Bennet) work pretty ok for me.......(But yeh..it doesn't get as good as on Fyah Mumma....)
Check her Myspace here for soundsamples.
01. T.T.P.N.C (cd only)
02. Montego Bay

03. Coconut Shell
04. Lioness On The Rise
05. Yad To The East
06. Far Away
07. Don't Sign
08. Daddy
09. Keep It To Yourself
10. Calling Africa
11. In My Dreams
12. Streets Are Bloody
13. Daddy (Spanish Version) (CD only)
14. Fyah Red ft Gentleman (LP only)
15. Vibes ft Shaggy (LP only)
16. Child Slavery (LP only)


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