new url for independent intahvention

yagga yagga yagga yo!!!

there is a new url address for the independent intahvantion myspace page. don;t worry if u are a friend on myspace then u get the url directly. otherwise if u r not logged in on myspace then skank to this address:

that should do it. we are working on new songs. keep tuned!

bless count ozzie


Ofcourse, you should all come by at the next party in Mezz, Breda (january 27th) and Parkhof, Alkmaar (february 3rd)..but after that, there is always the homecoming party we like so much. And this is it!

New Spanish Reggae Compilation

From Jah Banton productions outta Barcelona comes the second volume of local spanish reggae afficionados: Reggaespanol Consciente vol2, which futures also our friends Zergioteh from Barcelona & Punaman from Ceuta! more info: