Elephant Sounds Reggae Radioshow 20 march 2013

Load up the Kutchie! Another 2 hour show full of irie vibes for www.reggaespace.com
download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?eu2a72nsvcdevdu

Jackie Mittoo - Black Organ (Studio One) LP
Heptones - Ready to turn (Studio One) LP
Prince Lincoln - Live up to your name (Studio One) LP
The Untouchables - Tighten up (Trojan) LP
Dave Barker - Girl of my Dreams (Clocktower) LP
Neville Grant - Sick and Tired (Trojan) LP
Ken Parker - Hello My Little Queen (Joe Gibbs) LP
Augustus Pablo - African Queen (Joe Gibbs) LP
Sangh Hugh - Rasta No Born Ya (Nighthawk) LP
Burning Spear - Live Good (Island) LP
Junior Byles - Heart and Soul (Errol Thompson) 7 inch
Martin Campbell - Loafters (Channel One) LP
Anthony Johnson - Reggae Feeling (Live & Learn) LP
Carlton Livingston - Itch it up (UpTempo) LP
Wailing Souls - Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall () LP
Willie Williams - One love (UpTempo) LP
Ranking Joe - Stepping don on Shepards bush (Greensleeves) LP
Cocoa Tea - Chalice No Ramp with (VP) LP
Ras Shiloh - This generation (Maximum Sound) 7"
Little Hero - Inna di ghetto (Yellow Moon) 7"
Morgan Heritage - Mystery Babylon (Fat Eyes) 7"
Morgan Heritage - Wall of Babylon (Kickin) 7 "
Jah Mason - Jah is over all thing (Kickin) 7"
Junior Kelly - Black (Fire House Crew) 7"
Sizzla - Got it right there (VP) lp
Mark Wonder & Ziggi - Ganja Station (Altafaan) 7 "
Peter Hunnigale - In the Ghetto (Peckings) 7"
Collie Budz - Herb Tree (Massive B) 7"
Wayne Marshall - Right Herb (H2o) 7"
Ward 21 - Take a wiff (Ghetto Youths) cd
Ward 21 - Weed ()
Sizzla - Pretty Girl cd

Elephant Sounds Reggae Radioshow 6 march 2013

Back on the wire with 2 hours of reggae for www.reggaespace.com
Cold Sweat & Smart on the decks, dedicated to Ozzie! 

download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?7r6m91xbpd8rv8a

Dub Specialist - Banana Walk (Studio One) LP
Delroy Wilson - Rain from the Skies (Studio One) LP
Soul Vendors - Hot and cold (Coxson JR) LP
Tennors - Hopefull Village (Treasure Isle) 7"
Pioneers - Dip & Fall back (Amalgamated) 7"
Phyllis Dillon - Don't Touch my Tomato (Treasure Isle) 7"
Norma Frazier - Hound dog (Studio One) LP
Carlton Patterson - It's a raining (Black & White) 7"
Slickers - Man beware (Pressure Beat) 7"
Hugh Kendricks & The Buccaneers - Full up (Chris & Squidly) 7"
Meditators - Buss style (Succes pre) 7"
Lloyd the Matador - Singerman (Trojan) LP
Hugh Roy & Lee Perry - Dreamland version (Trojan) LP
Barrington Spence - The Message (Trojan) LP
Keith Hudson x 4 (blank / Rebind/ blank / Rebind) 7"
Cornell Campbell - Free Meal Ticket (Pressure Sounds) LP
Psalms - Prophecy (Ballistic) LP
Wailing Souls - Bredda Gravalicious (Island) LP
Gregory Isaacs - Thief a man (African Museum) 7"
Dr. Alimentado - Gimme my gun (Greensleeves) LP
Hugh Mundell - Hey Mr Richman (Munrock) LP
Augustus Pablo meets King Tubby - Dub inna Matthews Lana Area (Shanachie) LP
Ranking Trevor - Savana la mar special (Socialist Roots) 7"
King Tubby - Every knee shall bow dub (Jackpot) 7"
Revolutionairies - Shocking Rock (Trojan) LP
Johnny Osbourne - Jehoviah (Greensleeves) LP
Junior Reid - Original Foreign Mind (UpTempo) LP
Little John - Smoke Ganja hard (VP) LP
Eekamouse - Operation Eradication (Greensleeves) LP
Ringo - Model with me (Musical Ambassador) 7"
Don Carlos - Mr. Big Man (UpTempo) LP
Cultural Roots - Hell a go pop (Greensleeves) LP
Singer Jah - Wah di war fah (.) CD
Ras Ijah & Bushman - One More Load (Goldcup) 7"
Konshens & Tarrus Riley & Sizzla - Rasta Imposter (.) CD
Sizzla - Cant Stopo We (In The Streetz) 7"
Busy Signal - Come shock out (cd)
Pinchers - Fire (Delperies) 7"
Bramma - Dreadslocks rasta (.) CD
Carl Meeks & - Haul & Pull Up Selector (.) 7 "
Sean Paul - Nu bodda wid dem (.) CD