Elephant News DEC 2006

Thanx again everybody for the blasting december edition of Elephantsounds! We're gonna try to get some more Spanish Soundsystems in the future, so be prepared! One of 'm certainly is gonna be Zergioteh, our friend from Barcelona, who also performed with us last year. Check out his MySpace here.
Next guest, in Januari at the ACU, will be Don Arco, resident DJ at Big Daddy's in Nieuwegein. He usually spins lots o' dancehal over there, but here in the ACU, he will also show his love for Roots music. So be there, and enjoy the updated visuals by MaluSin while dancing to the hottest tropical sounds in town. January 27, we will also perform with up and coming Dutch dancehall star Ziggy at the Mezz in Breda. If you're around, come check us out cuz we need your support down there. Furthermore, there are rumours going on about a Massive Clash between Elephantsounds and a famous hiphopsoundsystem. Watch this space for more news on this in the near future.
Finally, elephantsoundcrew wishes everybody a happy & irie 2007!

Pics Elephantsounds Meets Afrikan Town Sound Dec 2007

Last saturday was jamming big time! The place was packed again and our guests from Ceuta (Spanish colony on the African Continent) rocked the dancehall! Big up to selekta LuisMi and mc Punaman from Afrikan Town Sound. And thanx to YOU for coming out to party with us...see ya next year!

new tune: "ganja love" on ghana riddim bobobobobobobobobo!

visit for new tune:


new tune online, jus fresh from da press! elephant bazin' the weed!

puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

count ozzie

Reggaemixes on Firecorner site

Check these wicked mixes on the Firecorner website:
Adrian Crestani showcases the vocal talents of Errol “Flabba” Holt – better known as a bass player with the Roots Radics band and for being part of the Morwells but he cut some stunning vocals in his own right. Some heavy roots tunes! And as usual plenty of DJ, dub and next vocal cuts thrown in. This isn’t a complete discography but is a great overview of a fine singer who was overshadowed by his equally fine bass playing skills.
click here: http://www.firecorner.com/new
also loads of other mixes for downloading! thanx to Mr T for the linx!

stop the sufferin' now on myspace

yaaakaaaaaa yaaakaaaaa yaaakaaaaa!!!

new tune online now! it is called stop the sufferin' and it is on the "addicted to music" riddim!


elephant blaze again against the eveil forces of babylon! musical fyah inna the place, elephant blaze inna million ways!

cha mon

da count

Elephantsounds @ ACU next year!

Elephantsounds is doing really well thanks to all you beautiful people. Big up to yourself! Next year we continue our mission to bring the music to the people and, as usual, every third saturday of the month the ACU will be the place to enjoy some tropical music & dancing......visuals by Malu-Sin included....starts out at 23:00, free entrance till 24:00, after midnite 3 euros...
The dates for 2007 are:
  • Sat Jan 20
  • Sat Feb 17
  • Sat March 17
  • Sat Apr 21
  • Sat May 19
  • Sat Jun 16
  • Sat Jul 21
  • Sat Aug 18

Latest News on Breda shows

Yep, Elephantsounds was gonna appear together with up and coming Dutch dancehall star Ziggi @ Mezz, Breda on Friday december 22, but unfortunately Ziggaman has cancelled all shows for the next month. Good news is we will still play, but in the Mezz bar instead. And the new date for the Ziggi show is Saturday january 27!. So if you're around, cum & listin' to our sound....


Phew, still recovering from last nights party inna Acu. It was a blast! Don't think we ever had this much people inside. Was it because of the "smartlappen" fest or are we still growing and going strong? Anyway, thanks to everyone that came out to party. Hopefully we'll see you next time.

Extra special thanks to Barka Moeri for his uplifting chants. We always love unpredicted appearances, especially when it's done this good. Very impressive! Hope to welcome you on stage some more in the future!

Also special thanks to Ricardo, who blew us away with some wicked toasting over vintage 70's dub selected by connaisseurs Smartin & Junior.

Big up your bad selfs!
Cold Sweat

irie new tunes online!!! www.myspace.com/elephantsoundsystem


new tunes online called Stop Wars, lolo bell riddim, dill-ox productions!!!
and also special dedication to charlot's and ingmar's son and my cousin: SILAS called the rise of lickle youth inna babylon! that is 5th element production on mama riddim.

the irie man OXMAN gave me two of his 45-ers when we played together in EKKO and ROTOWN. i found the time and the energy to freestyle on the version and it is now online ready to be listened to! drop by @: www.myspace.com/elephantsoundsystem and click on the song stop wars or the rise of lickle lion. i am very curious what y'all think of it!

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeespec' from the count aka senior ozzie

photo's wunderbaum squat paaaaaaaarty!!!!

Elephantsounds Last Saturday @ Wunderbaum, Alkmaar

Last Saturday Elephantsounds played the Wunderbaum squat in Alkmaar. Great party, nice people. Unfortunately one turntable didn't work, so Elephantsound played it oldskool style: Just one single turntable with MC, like back in the days....but everything turned out great, we even enjoyed this authentic setup and plan to do it more often like this. Coldsweat served some cutting edge dubstep together with his regular killer tunes, and Count Ozzie saved the day by chatting over tune changes. We were followed by skapunkpartypeople Iedereen zo Jotje! and local jungle specialists Utreg Massive. Also Big up To Maa-I-ke for moral support & beer!

Nov 4: Elephantsound @ Wunderbaum, Alkmaar

This weekend Elephantsound is visiting Alkmaar again, this time at the squat Wunderbaum. We'll play from 01:00 til 02:45, the Utreg Massive crew will take over after Elephant Sound.
of check http://www.punx.nl/index.php onder het kopje podia, hier vind je Wunderbaum op de plattegrond.

Zergioteh Live Reggae from Spain

Zergioteh, our friend from Barcelona can be seen at this live footage from august this year.


Elephantsounds ACU Last Weekend

Thanks to everybody showing up last saturday & big up to John Kayongo for joining us!


Due to touring obligatons elsewhere COUNT OZZIE is awol on the 21st, so this edition of ELEPHANT SOUNDSYSTEM will be hosted by only SMARTIN & COLD SWEAT. Luckily we found a very good third man as replacement in DJ KAYONGO, who some of you might know from his infamous NUBINITE events at Rasa. Apart from a deep knowledge of african music, this Kenyan born and bred dancer/selecter knows his way around reggae as well. But beware: this guy enjoys dancing to his music even more than you do, so don't be surprised if he jumps off stage to join you on the dancefloor after popping a big, heavy tune...You guessed it: Elephant Sounds will BOOM as ever!

see y'all!