So, we are officially 1 year old. What began as a small party on the cocktail evenings thrown on thursdaynight in the Acu, turned into a big night for the Acu and made ELEPHANT SOUNDSYSTEM a name to reckon with. Visitor rates went amazingly fast from 20 to 100 and a couple of times we even had to flag the "sold out" sign! Thanks to you we now have a monthly party that is eagerly awaited by both fans as residents: Count Ozzie, Smartin and Cold Sweat .
We celebrate our anniversary together with some special friends: SIDEBURN SOUNDSYSTEM and JOHN KAYONGO. Sideburn were our guests many times before and they know how to lock down a party. Get ready for some serious riddim droppin', because these guys flip faster than their shadow.
John Kayongo is the resident dj for the Simba Ngoma party in Ekko and recently started a new african dance night in the Rasa. Originally coming from Kenya, this is a guy with a wide perspective on music, but tonight he'll bring you the finest in reggae.

Unfortunately, Elephant resident Smartin will be AWOL tonight, but Cold Sweat and Count Ozzie will try everything in their power to make up for this loss.

Anyhow, it'll be a good night! Cha, what did you expect?


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