maaad video selecting check these reggae vids!!!

An evening of surfing through youtube i thought i might give you the links!!! i am very impresed
throw your telly out, here's reggae stuff to watch!!!
count ozzie!!!
jakob “the killer” miller with inner circle during the days, when roots rock ruled the scene.
rootical soundsystem from Ireland!!! Amazing video, building a soundsystem
Great Bobo Ashanti documentary!!!
Abbysinians, Kiddus I inna yard from rockers the movie!! Kiddus I, the allmighty Jack Ruby, Leroy “horsemouth” Wallace. Gregory Isaacs Get the movie!!! ROCKERS
Mickey Dread & Natural Roots… 80’s styley!!! I get dat misty in roots live in Brussels feeling. Must be round 1979 or 1980, children of jah festival.
Rasta tourguide, where Bob Marley meditated and smoked joints, very funny!!!
The Spear… Burning Spear. Irie!!! Docu. Also Foggy Road live 1979!
There’s a patient by the name of…………..Gregory “Cool Ruler” Isaacs.
Live at the Reggae Sunsplash 1983!!! Backed by the mighty Roots Radics band.
A young Eek-A-Mouse live at Reggae Sunsplash 1982, a quick showcase of the man’s qualities. Good Sound!!! Inna rub-a-dub styley… bo!!! Bo!!! Bo!!! Inna Patois vibe!
Jamaican Dancehall in 1983… see the man Yellowman, Massive Dread (with heavy metal belt), extravaganza Eek-A-Mouse (people go wild!!! Dancehall style!)
Horace “misty” Andy inna lovers styley during the eighties…
and Mr. Sleepy nowadays

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