Due to touring obligatons elsewhere COUNT OZZIE is awol on the 21st, so this edition of ELEPHANT SOUNDSYSTEM will be hosted by only SMARTIN & COLD SWEAT. Luckily we found a very good third man as replacement in DJ KAYONGO, who some of you might know from his infamous NUBINITE events at Rasa. Apart from a deep knowledge of african music, this Kenyan born and bred dancer/selecter knows his way around reggae as well. But beware: this guy enjoys dancing to his music even more than you do, so don't be surprised if he jumps off stage to join you on the dancefloor after popping a big, heavy tune...You guessed it: Elephant Sounds will BOOM as ever!

see y'all!

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Count Ozzie said...

represent for me!!!! good luck!!!

greetz from carcaixent!

da count