Phew, still recovering from last nights party inna Acu. It was a blast! Don't think we ever had this much people inside. Was it because of the "smartlappen" fest or are we still growing and going strong? Anyway, thanks to everyone that came out to party. Hopefully we'll see you next time.

Extra special thanks to Barka Moeri for his uplifting chants. We always love unpredicted appearances, especially when it's done this good. Very impressive! Hope to welcome you on stage some more in the future!

Also special thanks to Ricardo, who blew us away with some wicked toasting over vintage 70's dub selected by connaisseurs Smartin & Junior.

Big up your bad selfs!
Cold Sweat


Elephantsoundz said...

yeah it was reaaaaal nice!

Count Ozzie said...
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Count Ozzie said...

phew, what a blast it was indeed! also still high on irie vibes.
yesterday i even recorded my first reggae track with Mark of Proces Kabaal soundsystem aka IRIE MONKEY... him a massive producer and musician. We have started to make our own music in his studio and we hope to make loads of tracks and perform live when we have several tracks! At this moment we thought of the name IRIE POSSE!

expect a myspace page soon!

irie hights, senior ozzie aka count ozzie

Ana said...

I was completely fucked up after all this 24/7 work and I didnt make it...But next edition for shure!!!
keep the fire burning!