Elephant News DEC 2006

Thanx again everybody for the blasting december edition of Elephantsounds! We're gonna try to get some more Spanish Soundsystems in the future, so be prepared! One of 'm certainly is gonna be Zergioteh, our friend from Barcelona, who also performed with us last year. Check out his MySpace here.
Next guest, in Januari at the ACU, will be Don Arco, resident DJ at Big Daddy's in Nieuwegein. He usually spins lots o' dancehal over there, but here in the ACU, he will also show his love for Roots music. So be there, and enjoy the updated visuals by MaluSin while dancing to the hottest tropical sounds in town. January 27, we will also perform with up and coming Dutch dancehall star Ziggy at the Mezz in Breda. If you're around, come check us out cuz we need your support down there. Furthermore, there are rumours going on about a Massive Clash between Elephantsounds and a famous hiphopsoundsystem. Watch this space for more news on this in the near future.
Finally, elephantsoundcrew wishes everybody a happy & irie 2007!

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