(left: JUNIOR VIBES, middle: CHOPPA CHOP with unknown @ KWAKOE FESTIVAL 2009)

Greetings bredrin and sistrin!!!

ELEPHANT SOUNDSYSTEM is going to have some great artists rocking the mic for the September edition of Elephant Sounds!!!

We are proud to present to you the following artists:
JUNIOR VIBES & CHOPPA CHOP both from the beautiful island of Jamaica!!! Thanx to ZIONHIGHNESS crew we are ready for our first official Jamaican guests inna di elephant dance!

We are also proud to present to you PUNAMAN from Cueta, Spain coming over with a special guest to present his new album, which is 100% lovers style!Fi all di ladies Smartin told me! Punaman's second time inna di elephant dance but now not as a selekta / mc for Afrikan Town Sound but as a singer that is ready fi rock di mic bobobobobobobobo!!!!!

More info will follow later, we were just so excited that we had to let you know!!!


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