Elephantsounds Radioshow ZionHIghness 17 feb 2010

A very nice edition indeed, with special guest selector Beefy! As usual 2 hours of reggae classics & rarities on http://www.zionhigness.com/.

Val Bennet – Southparkway rock (Trojan) CD
King Sporty & Roland ALphonso – El Cid (Top Deck) 7 inch
The Techniques – There comes a time (Treasure Isle) LP
Dennis Brown – Going to the ball (Bamboo lp)
Hammers – Arms of flesh (Jah Live lp)
The Ethiopian – Locust (Studio One lp)
Meditators – Things not easy (Joe Gibbs 7 inch)
Roman Stewart – Peace in the Valley (Pressure Sounds) LP
Bongo Herman & Bingy Bunny - Ration (Joe Gibbs 7 inch)
Naggo Morris – You rest on my mind ( Wackies 10 inch)
Black Mercenaries – Hypocrites (Jack Ruby’s lp)
Skulls – Tird world (Clappers – lp)
Winston Jarret &Wailers–Humble Yourself(Jah Live)Rite Sound
Junior Ros & Spear – Babylon fall (Stars 7 inch)
Burning Spear – Education (EMI) LP
Niney Holness – Mutiny (Jah Live LP)
Don Carlos – Tribulation (Attack 7 inch)
Chris Wayne – Craven Choke Puppy Dog cd
Lopez Walker – Take Heed (Shakara / Phase One 7 inch)
Junior Reid – Babylon release the chain (Joe Gibbs 7 inch)
Sista Ruby – Gimme Me Ganja (Keyman) LP
Jah Thomas – Shoulder move (Midnight Rock 7 inch)
Supercat – Walk a ton (Midnight Rock 7 inch)
Jah Thomas – Cool Profile (Abraham lp)
Lone Ranger – Love Affair Problem (Greensleeves LP)
Barrington Levy – Mine yuh mouth (Joe Gibbs 7 inch)
Ranking Joe – Too Much Confusion (Bloodsucker Riddim)
Barrington Levi – Misunderstanding (Power House LP)
Tenor Saw - Roll Call (Power House LP)
Tristan Palmer - Settle down girl (Trojan 12 inch)
Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja (Firehouse) 7 Inch
Super Chick – You Shouldn’t do it (Taurus LP)
Tinga Stewart & Ninjaman–Take time to know her Music Master lp)
Buju Banton – Goodlookin Gal (Digital b) 7 inch
Count Ozzie – Serious Times promo

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