Yes my people, after some serious party time @ elephant sounds last night i was indpired to make this wackies compilation!!! We had a great time yesterday with the guys of 90 DEGREE SOUND, Prof & Manjah Fyah rocked the dance! Massive artist WILD LIFE gave us a likkle lesson in how to sing! Man what a sweet voice!!! There also was some Zionhighness coneection there, bless up Queen Easy & Fredzzz! After getting to bed very late and waking up with my family early this morn' i thought it was time for a mixtape tribute to a great label!!!

Sugar Minott ft John Wayne - Jamming In The Street
Sugar minott - Hi Hello
Max Romeo - Birth of Reggae Music
Horace Andy - Love Hangover
Jezzreel - I Put My Trust
Junior Delahaye - Mystic Revellation
Jah Batta - Informer
Little John - Tear Down The Dancehall
The Meditations - Take It Easy

For all you nerds like us here's some niformation i found about the label. Have fun with the mix its for download and dont hesitate to spread it around!!!

Wackies is an American independent record label specialized in reggae and dub music.

Founded in the 1970s by Lloyd Barnes, as the Wackie's House Of Music based on White Plains Road in New York, the name Wackies also include a record shop and a studio. It is considered by some to be the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States.

Wackies Sound
Wackies music has a distinctive sound. It is bass heavy and deliberately crafted to have what some people call a "lo-fi" sound. Wackies achieved this sound using special recording techniques and equipment. This equipment was so notable that some pieces now have a place in the Les Paul Museum. Popular Jamaican reggae artists such as Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, and Wayne Jarret appeared regularly on the label. However, Lloyd Barnes developed a number of New York-based artists such as: Itopia; Chosen Brothers; Love Joys; Jah Batta; Clive Field Marshall; Dub Generals, and Junior Delahaye, whose releases primarily appeared on the Wackies label. Most commonly known as "Bullwackie All Stars," Lloyd Barnes worked with a notable group of studio musicians including: Jerry Harris; Ras Menelik; Jerry Johnson; Clive "Azul" Hunt, and Douglas Levy.

Influence on Hip Hop
Wackies music, while mainly known for its contribution to reggae, influenced the burgeoning hip hop movement of late-70's and Early-80's New York. Reggae sound system dances were quite popular throughout New York City. Wackies music was played on specialized, powerful soundsystems while reggae deejays such as Jah Batta vocalized rhythmically and melodically atop the trademark bass-heavy sound. This influenced and encouraged the development of the hip hop parties featuring live MC's, the counterpart to the reggae soundsystem deejay. In 1979, Wackies also released one of the earliest hip hop records, "Wack Rap" by Solid C., Bobby D., and Kool Drop.

1990's and Wackies Far East Chapter
Wackies continued to record and release music through the 1990s, and in 1999 collaborated with Ras Takashi to form the Wackies Far East Chapter in Japan. An extensive promotional tour of Japan featuring Ras Takashi and Ras Kush of Black Redemption Sounds of Praises occurred in the same year to establish the label.[2][3]. Releases on the Wackie Far East label included contribution from Lloyd Barnes, Ras Takahi, Ras Kush, among others. Wackies Far East Chapter, under the guidance of Ras Takashi, continues to be a force for Wackies release and distribution in Japan.

Wackies music continues to be released in the 2000s. Jammyland, Plush label, Ras Takashi, Dubsensemania and many others continue to collaborate with Lloyd Barnes. Concurrently, re-issues of 1970's and 80's Wackies music have attained remarkable popularity and remain a constant force on the vintage scene.

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