March 4th 2011: Elephantsounds @ EKKO, Utrecht

After six years of rocking the Acu from the back to the front and back again, Elephant Sounds decided it was time to move ahead.

On the 4th of march we'll be partying over at our new venue: Ekko. This great place is able to stash a few more punters than our former venue so we need you to tell aaaallll of your friends about the nice eclectic mix of "reggae / dancehall / ska / dubstep / jungle / whatever bassmusic they feel needs a spin" the friends of the Elephant collective put on the player.

If you do that and bring all or some of them to this event, we would be very happy. It would make for a nice dance, which is all we're after. And hey, maybe we throw in some free cd's for the early birds as well...

Anything can happen! That's how the Elephants a roll. Those who know, already know. Those who don't: come check it out! We'll put on a nice hot plate for you..

March 4th 2011
Ekko // Utrecht
Open: 23:00 - 04:00
entrance: 5 euro

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