Elephant Sounds Reggae Radioshow 23 jan 2013

elephant reggae show 23 jan 2013 for www.reggaespace.com

--- R.I.P. Lloyd Charmers --- 
download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?f2uj8rbcshq...

Sound Dimension - Federated backdrop (Studio One) LP
John Holt - Hooligan/Dub (Studio One) LP
Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators- A Loving Melody (Horse) LP
Vin Gordon - Green Callie (Joe Gibbs) LP
Augustus Pablo - Java (Impact) 7 inch
Dennis Alcapone - Java version (Impact) LP
Big Joe - Mas Gan (Trojan) 12 inch
Enforcer - Pay Them (Pressure Sounds) LP
Tetrack - Judge & Jury (Universal Message) LP
Lloyd Charmers - Darker Than Blue (PK) LP
Half Pint - Officer (Sun Set) LP
Scientist - Kidney Punch (Greensleeves) LP
Lone Ranger - Legalize National Herb (Greensleeves) LP
Pappa Tullo - Sister Rosie (Greensleeves) LP
Rankin Toyan - Raving (Midnight Rock) LP
Jah Woosh - Zion Sound (Trojan) LP
Lloyd Charmers - Look-a-Pye-Pye (Trojan) LP
Barrington Spence - Dont Touch I Dread (Rock City) LP
Leroy Smart - Meaning of Life (Pressure Sounds) LP
Barry Brown - Far East (Channel One) LP
Lion Youth - Three Million on the Dole / Version ( Virgo) 12 inch
Mighty Diamonds - Where is Garvey? (Virgin) LP
Bunny Wailer - Battering DOwn Snetence (Island) LP
The Morewells - Reality (Burning Sounds) LP
Brigadier Jerry - Drifter in a 79 Style (VP) LP
Cocoa Tea - Good Life (VP) LP
Macka B - Old Fashioned (Necessary Mayhem) LP
YT - Forward to Reality (Renegade Sativa) LP
Matthew Mc Anuff - War (Own Mission) 10 inch
Lutan Fyah - Da1Yah! (Da1Yah) ) 10 inch
Turbulence - For Life (King Alpha) 10 inch

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