22.04 ELEPHANT radioshow @ http://www.zionhighness.com

ELEPHANT SOUNDS on ZionHighness.com

ELEPHANT RADIO show 22.04.09 from 18.00 hrs till 20.00 hrs @ http://www.zionhighness.com


Elephant Soundsystem has expanded their services of bringing roots and culcha to the world!!! Count Ozzie has been asked to join the Zionhighness family to promote his favorite concious reggae choonz to their listeners.

ZionHighness is a world-wide group of people who are in one way, or another involved in the Reggae music Industry. The group consists of Artists, DJs, Promoters, Sound Systems, Record Producers, Record Labels and supporters and others.

ZionHighness brings these people together so that they may share their experience and we can all enjoy their talents. Each One Teach One.

ZionHighness is dedicated to using all its influence to promote the positivity and consciousness in Reggae music to all corners of the Globe.

So choon in tommorow / wednesday 22.04.09 @ 18.00 hrs and listen to Count Ozzie's first radio show ever!!!

Blessed love!!!!

Count Ozzie